Canada’s Best Poker Sites

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Canada’s Best Poker Sites

The latest buzz in online poker in Canada is the fact that the two top online poker sites, iPoker and Ultimate Bet, are now offering players from Canada a chance to play for free. Both of these top-rated sites have always offered a lot of great benefits to their players. For example, iPoker gives its members bonus points for each game played, as well as free tournament entries, and players can even register for free and take part in community events.

However, iPoker got to where it is today by offering something that many online gambling sites do not currently offer: free Canadian players. All of the top online poker sites have the option of allowing its players to play free games. Most of the time these free games are tournaments. And iPoker recently announced that beginning in April of 2010 it will offer fifty-five thousand dollars in prize money to its players. This represents a huge bonus for players who participate in the weekly tournaments. In addition to this, iPoker offers two different promotions at different times of the year:

The iPoker site has teamed up with Bellaccino to offer special “Play For Free” evenings. Both iPoker and Bellaccino’s business plans dovetail perfectly. Bellaccino runs his own online poker sites Canada players in addition to providing iPoker with the free tournament entries and the big prize money. Of course, the iPoker site operators still get the huge jackpots they are able to claim every day.

With iPoker and Bellaccino there on board, there is one very large problem that still plagues the online poker sites in Canada. That is, the large number of unbeatable hands that take place in a given tournament. These hands occur thanks to the ease with which new players can join the site and register. When a player plays with real money, then these unbeatable hands that he or she is likely to encounter (which include Omaha and Seven Card Stud, for example) are simply not going to happen. However, thanks to the new registrations at iPoker and the growing list of unbeatable hands, the online poker sites can afford to offer some really big cash prizes to the players who sign up.

There are a couple of ways for iPoker to get its share of these bonuses. One way is to simply increase the number of players signing up on its website (which is how most online gambling in Canada gets started). The second way to earn iPoker’s bonus money is to win a game on iPoker itself. Players in iPoker can play against those at iPoker itself, which can generate a nice stack of bonus money for the site. However, since iPoker has yet to reach the point where it is a household name in Canada, nor does it have a high profile on TV or radio, these bonuses are not as common as other online gambling in Canada.

The lack of a large number of TV or radio spots does not mean iPoker is not popular in Canada. In fact, the lack of commercial advertising means that iPoker is one of the best poker sites for Canadians, according to several experts. According to iPoker’s website, it has grown over the past three years from just seven hundred thousand Canadian residents to one million. The site’s press release also claims that over the past year “Canadians have played more than two hundred and sixty-two thousand hands online.”