Sebastian “Weizen” Gaehl Rakes in his Initial Super MILLION$ Title

Sebastian “Weizen” Gaehl Rakes in his First Super MILLION$ Title


Sebastian “Weizen” Gaehl will keep in mind April 12, 2022, for a lot of years to come. Not only did the Austrian win his first GGPoker Super MILLION$ for $369,934 but the prize cash collected pushed his Super MILLION$ earning previous $1 million and his GGPoker winnings by way of the $2 million barrier.

Gaehl’s victory denied Jans Arends his initial Super MILLION$ victory, though the $290,059 Arends banked for second place should go some way to numbing the pain of defeat.

Super MILLION$ Season 2 Episode 38 Final Table Results

Location Player Country Prize
1 Sebastian “Weizen” Gaehl Austria $369,934
2 Jans Arends Austria $290,059
3 Pablo Brito Silva Brazil $227,431
4 spaise411 Russia $178,325
5 Aniket “lockstock” Waghmare India $139,822
6 Dalton “morgota” Hobold Brazil $109,632
7 Niklas Astedt Norway $85,960
eight Beriuzy Canada $67,400
9 Andras Nemeth Hungary $52,847

Andras Nemeth busted in the course of the initial level of the final table’s action, missing a huge draw and finishing ninth. India’s Aniket “lockstock” Waghmare min-raised to 120,000 from early position, and Nemeth called from the massive blind. The flop fell ace-four-3, and Nemeth check-raised Waghmare’s 60,000 continuation bet to 162,000. Waghmare known as, leading to a nine on the turn. Nemeth moved all-in for 397,312 into the 661,500 pot and Waghmare referred to as and showed ace-ten. Nemeth held six-five and missed his draw when a 5 completed the board.

Streamer “Beriuzy,” who won his $ten,300 seat for only $525, was the subsequent player heading for the showers. The action folded to Beriuzy on the button in the course of the 35,000/70,000/8,500a level, and he raised to 150,500 with pocket queen. Pablo Silva, at his third straight Super MILLION$ final table, three-bet to 440,240 from the small blind with ace-4 of diamonds, ahead of calling the 923,996 shove from Beriuzy. An ace on the flop ended Beriuzy’s impressive run.

5-time Super MILLION$ champion Niklas Astedt finished in seventh location and banked the tournament’s final 5-figure prize. Astedt’s stack had dwindled to 11.five big blinds, and he pushed that brief stack into the middle from the modest blind with queen-nine. Waghmare looked him up from the massive blind with king-ten of diamonds. Neither player improved, and Astedt was gone.

Brazil’s Dalton “morgota” Hobold sat down in third place and busted in sixth for a $109,632 score, which all but doubled his lifetime Super MILLION$ earnings. The now chip leader Gaehl opened to 280,000 from the small blind throughout the 40,000/80,000/ten,000a level, and Hobold responded with a 3-bet jam worth 1,900,575 in the big blind. Gaehl called and flipped more than ace-king, which crushed his opponent’s dominated ace-queen. Hobold flopped a queen and hit yet another on the river, but Gaehl turned a flush courtesy of the board four-flushing.

Waghmare will have to wait to add a Super MILLION$ title to his WSOP Circuit ring due to the fact he ran out of luck and steam in fifth spot. Silva min-raised to 200,000 from beneath the gun with ace-king and called when Waghmare three-bet all-in from the modest blind for two,358,477 with ace-queen. An eight-high board sent Waghmare home earlier than he would have wanted, and Silva to the top of the chip counts.

The final 4 became three when Russia’s “spaise411” lost a coinflip against Gaehl. Blinds had just elevated to 80,000/160,000/20,000a when Gaehl open-shoved from the button for 15 big blinds efficient, performing so with ace-seven. spaise411 made a stand with pocket fives from the modest blind for his 1,182,728 stack, but lost when a seven, not an ace, completed the community cards.

Pablo Brito Silva
Pablo Brito Silva finished third in his third consecutive Super MILLION$ final table

Heads-up was set when Silva bowed out in third. Gaehl open-shoved from the little blind with jack-eight of clubs, and Silva named all-in for 15 big blinds with pocket nines. The nines remained true up to the river when the jack of hearts appeared.

Gaehl’s sun run towards the enterprise finish of the tournament saw him lock horns with Arends holding a lead in excess of seven-to-one. Arends is not the kind of player to give up with no a fight, and he should be commended for not only drawing level but claiming the chip lead at 1 stage. Nevertheless, the epic fightback ended with a cooler of a hand during the 125,000/250,000/30,000a level.

Gaehl limped in with ace-3, and Arends called. The jack-3-five flop gave both players something, but Arends a significantly stronger one thing! Arends checked, Gaehl bet 250,000 and then referred to as the 1,000,000 verify-raise from Arends. The turn was one more three, gifting Gaehl trips. Arends led for 1,750,000 into the 2,560,000 pot, and Gaehl referred to as. A ten on the river saw Arend value-shove for three/4 pot, Gaehl immediately known as and became the most recent in a extended line of Super MILLION$ champions.