XME xrpl token, a new cryptocurrency

XME xrpl token, a new cryptocurrency

I decided it was time for me to launch a token. I told my mum (pronounced “ex-me”) and she mentioned “what like exzema?” or “Kiss me? I mentioned, “no Mum, I suppose you could say it is like kiss me but it is constructed on XRP so it is like if you sell your vehicle you could say X me for it – spend me!”.

So that’s the idea, it’s just genuinely XRP rebranded, it mimics the precise functionality of XRP and was designed with the very same provide but with various tokenomics such as a burn schedule as an alternative of an Escrow (time released tokens).

The dreaded XRP court case


In case you didn’t know, XRP has been held back by a court case that has been going on over a year already and might be resolved by the finish of the year.

It’s based on the accusation that when it was launched that it was sold as a safety with out becoming registered as such.

The creation of XME and trustlines

I have actually just built it all in June 2022 and you can take a look at the setup on https://xme.buzz and I have developed an infographic which is posted on twitter @xmebuzz, https://twitter.com/xmebuzz

xme airdrop promo

At the moment I have to get signups to the trustline to get factors started.


A single blocker in the very first instance is that individuals are sceptical to set up a “trustline” to a token to their wallet. It’s all-natural to be cautious in the crypto world and absolutely a very good idea to be cautious about any and all projects.

A trustline simply hyperlinks your wallet to an xrpl token and sets a placeholder for you to both hold and trade the token. It certainly doesn’t give access to your wallet by anyone else, what it does do is allow people to send you the token that you set up the trustline to such as in the case of acquiring an airdrop (totally free tokens!).

So the way the XRPL projects have worked so far is that they post their new project on twitter and everyone adds the trustline in time just before the airdrop and then they get free tokens when it launches.

The explanation we have to do this is to get customers. With out customers there isn’t a token.

What’s a rugpull?


There is a frequent word in the cryptospace “rugpull”. You will typically see men and women producing FUD (worry, uncertainty and doubt) by calling a project a rugpull. The way this notion functions is that folks generate a token, send out an airdrop and then as soon as there’s a adequate liquidity (sufficient get orders set by customers) the creator just sells all the tokens they held back, dropping the price to zero and maintaining everybody’s cash. Typically in this scenario, the project closes and the guilty parties run and hide.


I, of course, have not set this up as rugpull idea, I have set this up as a extended-term project and I think my XME name is a really cool a single, extremely considerably in the ballpark of Paypal.

I only really decided to do it because there are just so many with weird names, so several obscure memecoins and I just wanted to do one that was direct and straight to the point. You can not really take some thing seriously that’s referred to as flokidogecandyfloss or whatever, it has to sound appropriate.

Going forward

XMELOGOIt is now just obtaining the approach of customers to set the trustline and submit their details. I have set a list of tasks such as a retweet (for the impact of marketing and advertising) and submitting a google type. There has to be blockers in place to stop bots, ie savvy customers that set up 100s of wallets and run a script to set a trustline to each wallet, consequently taking a substantial portion of the airdropped tokens. This is a serious threat simply because a holder of a vast amount of tokens can and would dump them and crash the value. I will be taking my time to verify users to keep away from that. Vetting the submissions will take time, but I will do what I have to do to keep my token in the clear.

Making a XUMM Wallet


If you are not an XRP holder or XUMM app user then the first step to get involved with my token and other xrpl tokens is to install XUMM app on your telephone. It is only accessible on mobile devices.

You would require to “activate” your wallet with 10xrp. Activating a wallet just means sending XRP to it simply because a wallet calls for 10xrp to use (helps steer clear of users producing 100s of spam wallets). Setting a trustline requires 2xrp in reserve and xrp transactions expense .000015xrp a extremely small fraction of a cent. As a result you must send 13xrp minimum to your XUMM wallet to get began. All reserves are refundable if you determine to close the wallet.

Employing Exchanges to handle your XRP

If you are a Coinbase user or you already have some location where you hold or can get other crypto then a easy way to get XRP is to just use one of the exchanges beneath to trade one thing into XRP. Personally I use Coinbase as an on and off ramp to each purchase and withdraw crypto in my bank and I use other locations for trading. 1 cause is that XRP is not available on Coinbase.


I did have troubles trying to activate (send xrp) to an empty wallet from Cointiger (one particular of my favourite exchanges) as it just said my address was invalid. I didn’t have any issue doing the very same activity from Bitrue.


Neither Cointiger or Bitrue call for KYC (Know your consumer ID verification). KYC is a discomfort because it can take time and it can be fiddly. Each these recommended exchanges don’t require it and you can get correct on with trading and deposits and withdrawals with out any of that.

Acquiring new customers to realize all this is a challenge but as soon as you are in you are in and it’s plain sailing. I have produced a couple of youtube videos linked to from my website https://www.xme.buzz that aid clarify a couple of other items.

There’s not been a far better time to buy or trade into XRP than the price it is at the moment, it is presently under 35cents and even though it seems there may possibly be a tiny area for it go down much more, it’s a great investment now for what could turn into a vastly larger value subsequent year. (not financial suggestions, do your personal study)