X-Treme Glow Bowling

Join us for our X-Treme Glow Bowling sound and light show featuring black lights, fog, neon and special effects lighting.

X-Treme Glow Bowling Prices

Friday  8pm - Close*        $4.50 per person per game

Saturday  4pm - Close*    $4.95 per person per game 

*Start times are approximate


X-Treme Bumper Bowling Prices

Friday  8pm - Close*           $24 per hour per lane**

Saturday  4pm - Close*      $26 per hour per lane**

Sunday 1pm - 5pm*           $26 per hour per lane**

*Start times are approximate

**Bumper bowling is priced per hour, not per game.  The cost is for one hour for up to 8 people on one lane.




*Please note that we accept cash or check only. We do not accept debit or credit cards but do have an ATM on site for your convenience. 

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